What is this?

Modern Fingerstyle Workout - online guitar course based on play-along principle. You choose one of 3 levels of difficulty, start the video and practice along with instructor. Each exercise from workout has detailed multi-angle tutorial with tabs.
What is this?

You need this course if you:

practice, but progress too slowly
got lost in hundreds of free lessons on YouTube, which doesn't help
want to learn new impressive techniques
always want to be in good guitar shape
need exercise plan that will bring you results with guarantee

You will learn:

  • Dynamics

    You will be able to play several voices at the same time, and melody will sound like it is played by another guitar :)

  • "Snare" on guitar

    Drum kit is now useless! You will play 2 versions of snare like a real drummer.

  • "Bass drum" on guitar

    Your guitar playing will never be the same after this :)

  • Percussion, melody and chords at the same time

    You will play like at least 3 musicians in a band, or even more.

  • Tapping and legato

    The most impressive techniques on guitar. You will look at your instrument in another dimension.

  • Harmonics

    You will be able to play natural and artificial harmonics all around the fretboard and this will double range of your guitar straight away.

Andrew Axenov

Meet your instructor

Hey! My name is Andrew Axenov. I'm professional guitar player, composer and educator with more than 11 years experience of teaching acoustic and electric guitar. Author of unique educational methods for playing acoustic guitar and composing music.

Endorser of Baton Rouge guitars, La Mancha guitars and K&K pickups.

Solo performer, member of several touring bands.

Check out my videos here:

Website: andrewaxenov.com

Instagram: instagram.com/axenovmusic

YouTube: youtube.com/andrewaxenov

Course curriculum

  • 01
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  • 02
    Lesson 1: Dynamics
    Show details
    • Exercise 1: Dynamics
    • Tabs for exercise 1
  • 04
    Lesson 3: Add bass drum to lesson 2
    Show details
    • Exercise 3: Playing "bass drum"
    • Tabs for exercise 3
  • 05
    Lesson 4: Strumming + percussion
    Show details
    • Exercise 4: Strumming and playing percussion
    • Tabs for exercise 4
  • 06
    Lesson 5: Strumming + melody
    Show details
    • Exercise 5: Strumming with melody line
    • Tabs for exercise 5
  • 07
    Lesson 6: Tapping + Legato
    Show details
    • Exercise 6: Mastering tapping and legato
    • Tabs for exercise 6
  • 08
    Lesson 7: Harmonics
    Show details
    • Exercise 7: Natural and artificial harmonics
    • Tabs for exercise 7
  • 09
    Show details
    • Level 1: slow tempo
    • Level 2: medium tempo
    • Level 3: fast tempo
    • Level 4: mixed mode
  • 10
    Bonus: Secret exercise for right hand
    Show details
    • Planting technique exercise

Pricing options

Guaranteed moneyback in case you don't like it :) You bear no risks.

Learn to play 3 voices and percussion at the same time

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The course experiences

“I have found all that great guitar techniques that impress me so much when I listen to Mike Dawes and Jon Gomm – in this single course. Nobody explains percussive techniques so clearly and simply. Andrew, thank you for the great job!”


Eugene Korotenko

“Oh, I'm so delighted that I have this workout now. Some time ago I got stuck at my level and didn't know what to do - exercises on YouTube are pretty much similar to each other. But now I have tasks for each day and I already feel that I'm playing much better :)”


Jane Agadzhanyan

“For the last year I've been developing groove in my guitar playing, discovering rhythmic features and methods how to apply them to guitar. I progressed well, but this course has brought me to top-notch: with bass drum, snare and other percussion my guitar sounds killer.”


Ilya Gubarev


  • How does the course look like?

    This course is series of videos, which are accessible in your student dashboard. Click "Sign in" button at the top of this page, authorize and you will see "My Dashboard" link.

  • Does the subscription expire?

    Nope :) You will have lifetime access to the course on this website.

  • When will the Skype lesson start if I choose extended package?

    In case you have purchased premium package with Skype lesson included, I will contact you directly as soon as possible and we will pick up the skype call time, which will suite both of us :)

  • What do I need to practice?

    Just your guitar, access to the internet from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) and some spare time. All the rest you will find in course.

  • And what if the course won't help me?

    You can always ask for moneyback and I will provide it to you. Please, check the Moneyback Policy in the footer of this website.

  • Ok. How to start? :)

    Choose one of pricing options, register, complete the payment and go directly to your Dashboard - a plenty of great lessons wait for you there :)